Saturday, December 11, 2010

Go Navy---Beat Army

Bill the Goat

No books today.  Just a fun weekend with friends to watch the annual Army-Navy Game.  We've been to several of these in person, and always try to gather with other Navy fans, (hubbie is a graduate of USNA) so we can cheer on our favorite mascot.  It certainly is as cold here in Maine as it was when I last attended a game live - December 2003.  Of course both teams are used to functioning in wicked cold, and they are both heated up good and raring to go.
The food is ready, the beer and sodas are iced down, the TV has been tuned, the guest room is ready, the WooPoo b-robe ready to be donned (it's an insider thing).  We are unplugging the phones at noon today (or as soon as Judy and Norm arrive).  Norm, a fellow USNA alum, was an usher at our wedding 43 years ago, and it's great to be able to celebrate victory with dear and long-lived friends.



  1. Don't you love college football Saturdays? I got my wish last weekend when Virginia Tech beat Florida State to win the ACC! And now the scent of oranges is in the air... Have fun!

  2. Go Navy - Beat Army! I agree. My father worked for a company that made equipment for the Navy and we became sort of a Navy family that way. A big thrill for Dave and me was several years ago when we saw Navy v. Rutgers (my alma mater) at Annapolis. Love that town!

  3. Glad Navy won! I am a Navy brat myself.

  4. sure you were happy with the outcome. I caught the very end of the game, at work, where the woman I was releaving is both a veteran of the Navy and had a son in the Navy, who is a graduate of the Academy...
    so she was way happy too.
    can't say I really

  5. And a good time was had by all!!!~


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