Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Salon...The Magazines are piling up!

I had planned to do this one last week, but spent most of the day reading and watching Olympics. In fact, that is the main reason my posting has been a bit thin this week. Blame it on the big "Os". We are certainly having fun, in spite of being a bit sleep deprived these past two weeks. Add to that the Lenten reading I've been trying to do, a hard drive crash, and the horrible Nor'easter that knocked our power out for over 12 hours, and there's not been much chance to sit and post.

Last Sunday, I also decided to attack the magazine pile which seemed to have decided to breed indiscriminately (perhaps to get my attention?). I found several articles to read in National Geographic (particularly a very interesting article on modern day Polygamy), Atlantic Monthly (a marvelously timely article on Walmart's attempt to introduce local/organic produce into its grocery line), DownEast (several pieces giving me a heads-up on new places to visit when we break out of our self-imposed winter hibernation). I also took the time to leaf leisurely through several cooking magazines I get and pulled out two or three promising recipes to try very soon. The article on Walmart was quite interesting since I'd just finished reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle. I hope to get a review of that one posted in the next few days.

Today, while I watch the hockey game, I plan to browse through the latest issue of MONEY magazine, do some more cross-stitch, and of course read some more.....

Current reads are:

Thomas Merton's Seven story Mountain ---I'm taking this one slowly and will finish by the end of Lent.
Eastern Stars - be sure to enter the giveaway.  This one is really getting me in the mood for spring training to start next week after the Olympics are over.
Shot to Death, a collection of mystery short stories.
The Cruelest Month - the only Louise Penny Three Pines Mystery I haven't read---this one is on audio --have to have something to listen to while working out!

And a final note on the BIG storm. Once again, we seem to have dodged a bullet. We did have really strong hurricane force winds, and a lot of rain, but there's no water in the basement,and we only lost power for 12 hours. We have a lot of firewood to 'harvest' from downed trees, but none of them did any damage (although there is one that is going to have to be brought down quickly because it's leaning dangerously across the driveway). We have a wood burning stove, we cook with gas, and we're just fine. Thanks everyone who asked. We hope you all are safe, warm and dry also.

Enjoy your Sunday! Can you believe February is over?


  1. Glad to hear you avoided the worst of the storm and at least have a lot of firewood! Can't wait for the snows to end!

    My husband reads more magazines than I do. I tend to stick my head in a book and read magazine articles, sometimes, online when I can find good ones.

    Hope you'll visit my Sunday Salon

  2. Those magazines do have a way of accumulating. I pass mine over to my SIL when I am finished. My husband gets a lot as well.

    Have a great week Tina.

  3. I've always said magazines are like hangers - leave them in the dark and they multiple like rabbits.

    We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 20" of snow with this storm and are still digging out. Of course it's still snowing too so what's the hurry? Didn't lose our power, thank heaven. My sister-in-law said it was raining hard in Alfred, ME.

  4. I try to post to Sunday Salon every week, but the weeks that I don't post can usually be blamed on magazine reading. I don't subscribe to many, but they all seem to come in the same week!

  5. I swear I will not re-subscribe to so many mags...and then I read a copy of DownEast when I was in Maine last and added that to the pile. But that is one I read as soon as it comes in.

    Glad you are still working through Merton.

  6. Caite...I'll be working through Merton til Easter Sunday. I'm actually enjoying it, maybe because I'm taking it in little pieces.


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