Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still Unplugged

There are times when I HATE computers....and this is one of those times. Several $100's later, and much 'maybe this, maybe that' my out-of-warranty by only 2 months computer is back from the hospital, but still acting achy-breaky. We are trying to decide if it really needs another $200-$300 of work, or if I can limp along. I'm thinking it's time for a new cheapy instead.

We gave up two years ago buying fancy coffee pots because our water here is so hard on the pumps that we went to a cheap $10 import. When it dies (as it will after 9-12 months, we just buy a new one!) I hate that throw away mentality. I grew up in a house where the whole basement looked like a junk yard for electronic parts, appliances, and whatever 'might be useful someday'. It's bad enough for $10 coffeepots, but when I start doing it for computers, I need to knock myself upside the head and say "Wait a minute."

Of course, I'll admit, I really wanted to use all this computer fix-it money to buy a new HDTV for the Winter Olympics (I'm a snow junkie- you all know that), but I guess we'll be viewing on our good old more than adequate screen.

Anyway, I'm going to be carefully trying to restore all (well, most) of my programs, bookmarks, files, etc over the next several days. I have 800+MBs of updates just for Windows, 11 other programs I use that have to be reloaded (I do have all the discs thank goodness) and updated, and since my internet service only allows me (and hubby together) 425 MB a day, I'm going to be up at the town library doing updates FOREVER. I'll someday get back to doing book reviews and contests, and all that fun stuff so stayed tuned and don't give up.

While all this stuff is running at the library, if there is another free public computer, I'll do some posting about goodies in the mailbox, upcoming books of interest, etc. In the meantime, everyone please stay safe in all these horrible storms. We've dodged everything up here in Maine. It's cold, but sunny, and at least the roads are clear and the schools are in session.


  1. Good luck!! I hate computers almost everyday. Then, we make up quickly.

  2. I've blown up so much about my ancient (10 yrs. old) computer that Dave just doesn't pay any attention anymore. Of course, he's a Luddite anyway so he puts on his "told you so" smirk, but I notice he always has something he wants me to look up for him. I'm saving my coins for a new computer. At the rate I'm going, my old one will be 20 yrs. old before I have enough money.

    By the way, we're getting our first big snow of the season today in NE PA.

  3. Sorry you are still having technical difficulties! We buy Dells cheapest laptop ($500) and we've been luck they last at least 4 years....knocking on wood here!

  4. oh, I feel you pain....

    ..and these days I agree there is a lot to be said for a cheap computer. the cheapest really fulfill the everyday needs of all but the most demanding users.


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