Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review: 206 Bones

Author: Kathy Reichs
Narrator: Barbara Rosenblatt
Format: audio book- 9 discs (10+hours),320 pg equivalent
Characters: Detective Ryan, Temperance Brennan
Subject: murder investigation, identification of remains
Setting: Montreal, North Carolina
Series: Temperance Brennan
Genre: crime fiction
Source: audio books from public library

My first Reichs read. Being as claustrophobic as I am, I had a hard time with the subject matter (NO SPOILERS). I also felt that she was trying to politicize her obvious bias about the professional credentials required for various forensic experts. I'll read another one before passing judgment on the series.

Basically, Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist, is working various cases in Montreal and in North Carolina. (I gather our heroine bi-locates.) When bad judgments appear in her examinations and reports, she sets out to discover who or what may be sabotaging her good name. Four different murders of elderly women and identifying the remains of a family lost on a boating trip 40 years ago are all begging for her attention.

There is a love (on again, off again?) interest with a detective named Ryan, a wonderful cat and a snarky neighbor. The character lineup is good, the plot was well developed, and without the campaigning it would have been an enjoyable read.  Barbara Rosenblatt does her usual great job of narration.

Challenge: Medical Mysteries, Audio Books, Thrillers and Suspense,  Support your Local library


  1. I have never read any of her books (but I have always meant to...) and wonder how similar they are to the TV show Bones, based on the same character.

    Maybe I am scared now after reading the Inspector Lynley book.

  2. My husband watches the BONES series on TV and has read a couple of her books. He doesn't seem to think there's a big problem discriminating between the two. He looks at them as totally unrelated. Says that way he doesn't get frustrated if one doesn't jive with the other.


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