Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogger Unplugged

I may be off line for awhile. My computer has developed some nasty nasty behavior (I don't get the blue screen of death, I get the white screen of black dots screen of frozen nothing) so it's in the hospital now going through a queen's ransom worth of diagnostics.....let's just hope it's a nasty virus, and not a dissolving hard drive...

Thankfully hubbie let me use his, and I can check email on my blackberry, but it's not the same as visiting with you all on a full screen with regular keyboard. So stand by, just means I'll have more time to read and have lots of reviews stacked up.  There are three great mysteries I'm doing right now, and two more great ARC panting for their turn.  I'll keep you in suspense.  Please feel free to continue to drop comments - I can check those on the crackberry!


  1. this is why, although I live alone, that I have three...yes three...computers. lol

  2. My ancient (in computer years) Dell desktop PC just keeps humming along, albeit very slowly. Since I'm not in a position to buy a new one at this point, I just keep telling myself patience is a virtue - that I should practice more. :-)


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