Friday, January 8, 2010

Review: Supreme Courtship

Author: Christopher Buckley
Format: paperback, 285 pgs (ARC)
Subject: politics, Supreme Court
Setting: Washington DC
Genre: humor
Source: won in a blog contest sponsored by Hachette Books

A delightful romp through the pomposity of Washington Congressional and presidential politics.  Christopher Buckley is a master at tongue in cheek.  He presents us with a president who is as close to Ozzie Nelson as we can find.  He bowls, he watches TV, he vetoes every spending bill Congress sends him because he doesn't think the American people should pay for some of these ridiculous boon-doggles.  But most of all, he just wants this term to be over, so he can go home to Ohio and sit on his front porch.

Before he does that however, he has to appoint a Supreme Court justice, and Congress is not inclined to approve anyone he sends.  In a burst of brilliance (watching late night TV) he decides to appoint Pepper Cartwright, star of a top-rated TV Courtroom Show and America's favorite TV judge.  This political satire gets better with each page as we watch this Texas born and bred (but Fordham Law school educated) lady bring her own brand of straight-shooting, pistol packing, rodeo riding spirit to the here-to-fore straight-laced Senate confirmation committee, and then to the court itself.

It is frankly, laugh out loud hilarious.

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  1. Laugh out loud hilarious? I need to pull this out of Mt. TBR!

  2. Oh, this one was one of my favorites from last year. Laugh out loud hilarious is the perfect description. We loved it! Great review, Tina!

  3. Oh, I love laugh out loud funny!

    I have decided that if I want to stop buying new books, I may have to stop reading reviews. Especially reviewers who share my tastes... ;-)

  4. At this time of year a funny book is just what the doctor ordered, and what's funnier than Washington, D.C.? Will definitely read this one.

  5. Thanks for the review - I've been considering this one.


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