Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New England Bloggers 1st Birthday

New England Bloggers Celebrate their 
1st year!

Tomorrow (January 27th) marks a big day in the calendar for the New England Bloggers.  This has been an exciting year for all of us as we get to know each other's sites and interests. A year ago, Elizabeth (AKA the Evil Overlord) began the daunting task of rounding up, listing and linking those of us in the blogosphere who lived and blogged in the glorious 6 state area known as New England.  We've had a great time finding out about each other: some of us do cooking, others crafting, sewing, art, and book reviews.  Our October mixer celebrating our reaching 100 members was especially fun as we went round visiting new sites and making new friends.

I've learned a lot about the diversity in the area, and am looking forward to visiting more of your blogs during the upcoming year.  Let's hope we grow some more, have some more "getting to know you" events, and maybe someday we'll find a village green, strike a tent, and all get together in real vice virtual space.

I'm not a native New Englander --I'm one of those people "FROM AWAY".  Hubbie and I fell in love with Maine's rugged coastline on our honeymoon, and decided 42+ years ago that we would someday have to live here where we could enjoy the lighthouses, the ocean, the wildlife, the blueberries, and the incredible seafood.  All of that is wonderful, but it's the people who make New England the place to be.  I've not yet met anyone here in Maine who would not stop and give me any help I needed if I asked --- and I probably wouldn't even have to ask.

There isn't a week that goes by that I don't see a church supper or benefit being held to help out fellow townspeople.  There isn't a week that goes by without some exotic wildlife sighting (exotic to me anyway), some new taste sensation being thrust at me, or some gorgeous sunrise or sunset bursting over the ocean here on the coast. 

This week for instance we get to escape our icy 1000 ft long driveway as the 'big snow' of last week finally melts.  Of course in New England we know to laugh at that because......come on........it's still January and we remember that this pile melts and that just means we're making room for the next batch.

So I'm not baking anything spectacular for the party--we had some crab for dinner and we're having hazelnut gelato for dessert (picked it up this afternoon at Hannaford's) with some Sweet Grass Winery (from nearby Union Maine)  Blueberry Beaujolais.  Life doesn't get any better.  What are you having?

No matter how you celebrate, let's all give a HUGE thank you to Elizabeth for being our fairy godmother.  She deserves a particular round of applause and a big virtual hug.

Elizabeth--this one's for you!

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  1. Tina--You really know how to celebrate, Girlfriend. I'm jealous of your hazelnut gelato. Be sure to bring some when we have that real-world get together!

    Happy anniversary to you and to us all....

  2. Love all these posts from these New England bloggers. Good going Tina

  3. I know at heart I am meant to be a New England blogger. I want to pack the car and head up...

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  5. Great post, Tina! Next time I'm in Maine I'm going to look for that wine!

  6. Congrats to all on that 1-year anniversary. I miss NE...now I live in D.C. and its so different. I miss the less hectic life up north sometimes, but alas the job keeps me here...who knows...maybe that will change.

    Anyway, get out there and celebrate!

  7. You are so right about the people. I was warned when I moved to Maine that people didn't like anyone from away. Couldn't be more wrong. It's all in your attitude toward them. Hey, I married a Maine man and his large family has become mine too.

  8. You did a great job describing the NE spirit. As a native NEer I know we have the reputation of being unfriendly and cold, but that's just not true as you have so eloquently pointed out. It sure sounds like you have a wonderful live in ME.


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