Monday, January 4, 2010

Dodging the bullet

The Storm came....
                      The Snow fell....
then it turned to rain, with a big wind,
and the temperature ROSE!!

So we have patches of bare ground, big hills of drifted snow, and nice wet slushy patches of road  just waiting for the temp to fall so they can turn to ice. We're 1000 ft off the main road, and we aren't paved.

I love snow.
I hate rain.
I detest ice.

Anyway, I've got three books almost finished, but must report that Christopher Buckley's Supreme Courtship is going to win out, because I can't put it down.  Reviews by Wednesday...


  1. I was thinking about you and how you might be faring up there this past weekend. We got the cold, the snow, and the ice. Bleech! Actually, I don't mind any of it if I can stay nestled on my couch with a good book!

    Happy New Year, Tina!

  2. I too love snow. It is beautiful and not that bad to drive in if you know what your are doing.
    But is bad. Brings down power lines, can't walk on it, can't drive on it...and it's not even pretty!
    Ok, actually ice covered trees are lovely looking. Until the limb falls on your house or car.


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