Friday, January 15, 2010

Review: Key Lime Pie Murder

Author: Joanne Fluke
Format: audio - 12 hours, 374 pg equivalent
Characters: Hannah Swenson, Norman Rhodes, Mike Kingston
Subject: murder at the country fair
Setting: Lake Eden, Minnesota
Series: Hannah Swensen myseries (#9)
Genre: cozy mystery- amateur sleuth
Source: public library

These stories could never be described as great literature, but by this time (#9) in the series, the characters are like old friends, and we now read them as much to find out if Hannah will ever make up here mind and choose between the two gentlemen vying for her hand: Norman, a suave, gentle, geekie, cat-loving dentist, who normallytreats Hannah like a china princess; and Mike, the local sheriff, who manages to come and extricate Hannah from the traps she gets herself into trying to solve murders that seem to occur on a regular basis in Lake Eden Minnesota.

Norman's tendency to play knight errant to Hannah means that he often finds himself being rescued by his rival.  Hannah's mother and Norman's mother (who are in cahoots to marry their offspring to each other) also continue to muddy the waters, and her sisters continue to help out.  Nothing new, but still fun and easy to read.  And the recipes still make the series worth a set of cookbooks.

Challenge: Audiobooks; Thrillers, SuspenseMysteries; Support Your Local Library


  1. I still read these but the love triangle is getting too old and needs to be resolved. I'd hate to live in that town. The murder rate must be through the roof. Still fun though.

  2. Key Lime pie - now there's an idea for assuaging my husband's sweet tooth! :) By the way, I like to read a "The Cat Who . . ." mystery occasionally for the same reason.

  3. I haven't read any of this series, but I certainly agree with would comment that while no one will mistake books like this for great literature, they fulfill a reading need. They are the mac and cheese, the comfort food, of books.

  4. One of my favorite series! I'm up to #7 (Peach Cobbler).

    Darn it, I thought the triangle would be resolved in #8, guess not. I have only read these, I haven't listened to any audios, but I am in the Audiobook Challenge too so I'l have to give it a shot!

  5. I love books that include recipes - this one sounds great!


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