Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mini Review: STOP IT!

This is a dynamite little books sent to me by the publisher, Sally Lee Books.  In today's world, the story of George the bully, his  sister Anabel, and her cat Lulubel will resonate with children and the adults who guide them.  In simple words and pictures, children hear a story of how to deal with a bully.  Anabel uses her temper to yell STOP IT.  George feels bad, and by using the cat as an example, both of how bullying hurts people, and how people can make up and feel better, the reader learns the valuable lesson of self-worth and love.

These books by Sally Lee are favorites with the pre-school group in our library.  They make wonderful gifts for kids and grandkids.  Many thanks to Sally for sending us a sample.


  1. does it say something that I now enjoy children's books more than I did when I was a child?

    ..and have I said this before? ;=)

  2. No, you haven't said before, but I think the child in all of us loves to feel the warm and loving arms of a good story - whether that feeling comes from the book, or the memory of the arms of someone reading us the book, the 'warm and fuzzy' is there. There's also the hidden memory of books being our first step to independence....when we were able to read by ourselves, we felt so grown up.

  3. I love to read to groups!
    My mom said the same thing about the sound on the Hamish MacBeth TV series!


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