Sunday, March 29, 2009

So where are all these books?

To use a well worn expression, I think I've had my nose buried in a book since I was about 5 years old. Some of my fondest memories are the weekly trips to the bookmobile when it stopped just two blocks away from the house. I still remember being especially thrilled when the librarian told me I didn't have to stick to the children's selections (which was buried down under the dashboard up front). Today, I still find at least 50% of my books at the public library--either the two local towns, or as downloadable Audio books. Maine has recently formed a consortium and we now have access to audio books from Overdrive right from the comfort of our homes. It's wonderful. Audio books help me 'read' while I'm 'watching' the Red Sox, preparing dinner, or doing needlework (my other passion). The other 50% come from our personal library here at home. Five years ago, when we moved here to Maine, we had over 150 cartons of books. As we unpacked, we realized we had to get some sort of handle on the collection, and ultimately I decided on as one of my primary databases. There I discovered a world of other people who also love books, and love to talk about books. If you click on the picture here, you can have a full screen view of Tutu's library. Just remember, dull women have immaculate houses. These online book friends are quite fond of challenges, and never being one to walk away from a 'betcha' I found myself joining several. Listed below, these have formed the basis of my reading since August 2008. I've also been doing an online book discussion with the Read Around Maine project tied to the Literary Map of Maine. So I'll be posting about each of these separately to get caught up, and then will post periodically to mark progress.
  • 75 Books in 2008
  • 75 Books in 2009
  • 999 Challenge
  • Dewey Decimal Challenge
  • US Presidents Challenge


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