Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tutu's Inheritance

Last month, while we spent some time with my Mom, we were 'awarded' our bag of books from my father's library. Dad died in 2007, and the following year, as I was helping my Mom sort through stuff, I discovered We used it to catalog Dad's small collection, and then invited his four daughters, grandchildren, and sons-in-law to go into the account and put a note in the comments section if they wanted the book.

Using that listing, Mom has been sorting out the books into bags, and is now able to distribute books to people she knows will "love them." Several of the books the Tutu household garnered were for Mr. Tutu's naval/military collections, and several are books I wouldn't have touched in a used book sale, but the sentimental value of these means they will stay on my shelves for a while until I'm sure I can let go. Here's what was in my bag (links are to the work in my LibraryThing catalog):

The Etruscan by Mika Waltari
A Kind of Anger by Eric Ambler
Time of Peace by Ben Ames Williams – tween the wars
This is Rome by H.V.Morton
The Game of the Foxes by Ladislas Farago
Nelson the Commander by Geoffrey Bennett
We, The People the story of the US Capitol by US Capitol Historical Society
American Vignettes - a Collection of Footnotes to History by John I. White
Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway
Ramage by Dudley Pope
Crimson Desert Indian Wars of the American Southwest by Odie B. Faulk
A Battle History of the Imperial Japanese Navy by Paul S. Dull
The House on Garibaldi Street by Isser Harel
The Purple Quest by Frank G. Slaughter
The Last Plantagenets by Thomas Costain


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