Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Salon - Trolling the Blog Feeder

I've been spending a lot of time these past few days getting ready for my presentation later this week at the Maine Library Association conference.  It's about blogging, so I've been trying to be a good blogger and get caught up on all the latest and greatest goings on in the blogosphere.  This morning I've been going through my hopelessly engorged feeder, looking for examples of points I'm trying to explain.

Of course, as any of you know, blog feeders---and blogs in general--can be vortexes that pull you in and never let you out again.  I'm having a great time catching up with my regular friends, and finding some new and interesting blogs to add.

Lisa on Alive On the Shelves pointed out a site that is true eye candy: Bookshelf Porn.  Relax ---it's G rated. Although virtual and therefore calorie and cholesterol free, the goodies on display will stop the heart of anyone breathing. Do pour a cuppa and stroll through this one. I have to agree with a July 9th twitter posted there " has dissuaded me completely from buying..." an ereader.


 Truer words were never uttered than those in this great graphic posted by Michelle - the True Book Addict when she was describing her TBR Pile.

And it's the last day of the regular baseball season.  The Red Sox are playing the Yankees.  The leaves are turning color in gigantic swatches each day.  It's cloudy, chilly, and time to start thinking about stews and soups instead of salads and outdoor grills.  That batch of apple/beet salsa I made earlier this week is just calling for a nice baked chicken to accompany it, so I'd best get away from the computer and start getting on with Sunday.  Besides, I have an audio download, Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews that's turning out to be a fun listen.  I can do that while I watch the Sox and cook. 

Enjoy your October


  1. Love (love love love!) the graphic by Michelle! It's true, I had a lifelong dream that someday I would have an extra room to make into a library, and now that I do, the other rooms feel lonely and barren if I don't fill them with piles of unread books. Clearly the books are winning the epic battle for my home.

  2. hey, you should video your presentation and post it on YouTube to share with us. I would be fascinated to hear what you have to say..

  3. I love Bookshelf Porn! I completely agree with the graphic about the books taking over. I'm always trying to find hiding spots for my extra books so that the house doesn't look so cluttered.


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