Sunday, October 17, 2010

Genre reading

Two of my book clubs are reading memoirs for their next meetings in November. In fact, one of them has left it up to a genre challenge, and we will compare different styles of memoirs. As I scanned my bookshelves, I saw so many candidates that were begging to be read, that I decided to read the two that have been picked : The Color of Water by James McBride, and Persepolis, a graphic novel format of an early childhood in Iran. Then I decided that I would at least read the first 100 pages of several of the rest. My memoir shelf is shown here.

As Soon as I finish the ones I'm currently ending: Bryson's AT HOME, and Ellen Baker's Keeping the House, I'm going to dive into memoirs. Anyone care to join in?


  1. If I wasn't overly committed with books to read and still reading Infinte Jest, I would join you in reading The Clor of Water and Persepolis. I want to read both and think they're terrific choices. I hope you enjoy them & I look forward to your thoughts!

    ~ Amy

  2. I loved both 'The Color of Water' and 'Persepolis.' I hope you enjoy them both!


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