Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review: Rules of Betrayal

Author: Christopher Reich
Format: Doubleday (2010), Hardcover, 384 pages;
Characters: Jonathan and Emma Ransom; Frank Connor;
Subject: Terrorism; espionage, WMDs
Setting: Afghanistan,Pakistan, D.C.
Series: Jonathan Ransom
Genre: Suspense thriller
Source: Review copy provided by publisher
Challenge: ARCs completed

Another fast paced, high intensity thriller involving Dr. Jonathan Ransome, plastic surgeon turned spy, married to Emma. We still can't figure out who Emma is really working for, but the ending leaves us knowing there will be another book for sure. Lots of plot twists, lots of people who aren't who they seem to be, but so well written that you are on the edge of your chair for the whole ride.

In this adventure, Jonathan is recruited to help locate a missing nuclear device the Air Force managed to lose in a 1980 plane crash over the high peaks in Pakistan.  Naturally the bad guys have located this beauty and are ready to sell it to the highest bidder for use in a terrorist attack.  There is little that can be said without spoiling the read except that Christopher Reich has mastered the spy thiller genre. 

I also listened to parts of this in audio, because I just could not put it down, but had to get in the car and go someplace.  The audio is very well done, so either format will certainly hold your interest.


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