Friday, April 2, 2010

Challenges, Challenges

I've been trying to do a post showing how I'm progressing at meeting the many challenges on my sidebar, but the biggest challenge today seem to be getting Blogger to accept my entries.

Does that mean I'm starting to bloviate???? Horrors...

So let's see how far I get this time. I'm not going to list the individual books read toward the challenge, since I've been listing that information as I post the book. I'm just going to list the original challenge (with a link to that post) and how I'm doing so far.

ARC Reading Challenge - 19/25
I've read 19 ARCs heading for the Gold Level of 25 for the year.
Medical Mystery Challenge -  1/6
I've still only got one read, but just got an ARC of Last Surgeon signed by the author so that will go really well for this challenge.
Books Won Reading Challenge 3/10
There are lots still on the pile screaming PICK ME PICK ME
Reading from my Shelves - 5/20 --slowly, slowly, the pile goes down....quickly,quickly the pile grows higher.
War Through the Generations Challenge - 1/5 .
I have one in progress (Man from Saigon), and just got an ARC of the Lotus Eaters, so I'm on track for this one.
Thrillers and Suspense Challenge - CHALLENGE COMPLETED !!! 16 read/12 goal
Typically British Reading Challenge - 1/3
Nothing happening this month, but I've identified future candidates....
2010 Audio Book Challenge - 17/20  moving right along.
2010 TBR Challenge  2/20
This one is going to require some discipline on my part.  We had to put up a list of 12, with 12 alternates.  I fully intend to read every one of these, but those darn ARCs keep getting in the way.  I will have to stop accepting review copies soon, and take a month, to make some progress on this pile.
Support Your Local Library Challenge 25/50
I would be in bankrupcy court if I had to buy every book I want to read.  Public libraries deserve every penny of support we can give them so those of us who love to read can feed our habits.
World Religion Challenge - 2/??however many you want!!!
I did a lot of 'religious' reading for lent, but most of that was not about religions per se..I do have several candidates tho sitting on my TBR shelf that will fit the bill, so I still have hopes of reading 2 or 3 more this year.
50 States Challenge - 18/50 slow but steady progress
US presidents Challenge - I need to set up a link for this one, but don't want to until I make more progress...I had a spreadsheet that got lost in the great February hard drive crash, but suffice it to say, I've read only 4 or 5 so far....
and finally....
ARCs completed - 20/25
Now this one is fun, but frustrating, because ARCs breed in my mailbox like wire coat hangars in a closet, so for every one I read, I seem to get two more....still in all, I've read some great ones this year.

So there you have it....I think I'm making pretty good progress.  Will do another report the end of June for the half-way mark.

It's not to late to join in many of these, and if you're challenge averse, pick just one that you know you can do and go for it.  We all like to feel we've accomplished something we set out to do, and this is a great way to do so.

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  1. You are doing great Tina...I'm making progress (some more than others).


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