Friday, April 30, 2010

April's Wrap-Up

Well we didn't get too many april showers here this year, but we are having a gloriously early spring.  April was a fairly light but eclectic reading month for me.  Here's the breakdown of the 15 books I completed:

As you can see, I'm trying to remember my Excel training, and my graphing leaves a bit to be desired.  I'm just a person who often sees things better when they're pictures rather than just listing numbers, but for those of you who prefer just the facts, they are

Audio 10
Print 5
Fiction 10 (4 mysteries)
Non-fiction 5
Borrowed from library 11
Gifts from publishers/authors 1
From my own shelves 3

With the exception of books for my three book clubs, May and June are going to be spent almost exclusively reading ARCs and contest wins.  I have a shelf full of great ones that are really beginning to weigh on my conscience, so before I go off reading anybody else's wonderful current suggestions, I'm going to clear out the backlog.  I've been really good these past 4-5 weeks and only requested/accepted 3-4 new ones. With warm weather coming up, I'll want to spend more time outside.

At least since I'll be out of town for a chunk of May, I won't have the temptation to load up on library books, although my MP3 will definitely be loaded with audios. However, I will be visiting my sister Cheli (she of Cheli's Shelves) and we will be doing our semi-annual swap of books  between our two libraries.  At least we don't have due dates.  We don't give up the books until we've first read them ourselves, so it's not so painful.


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