Saturday, July 11, 2009

bookfriends - pass it on...

As I promised earlier, I'm reciprocating the honor bestowed by Caty at Miscellaneous Mumblings when she handed me the Bookworm's Award for Bookfriends. Blogging has been a wonderful way to make new friends so here are my friends who can continue the link.
  • Mary K. at Just One More Page. Her variety of reading, contests, and musings is truly awesome.
  • Peter at KyusiReader. I love the international flavor of Peter's postings, and can always count on him to befriend me with a comment or two just when I think no one is tuning in!
  • Kristen at BookNaround - in spite of her recent boating difficulties, she manages to provide us with hints about good reading, fun giveaways, and lots of interesting musing.
  • Laura at Musings has consistently provided wide panapoly of reviews and ....well....musings! I love her blog.
  • Jules is my kinda woman...a true book friend who takes care to give used books a home. Her blog Jules' Book Reviews is a treasure trove


  1. Oh, Tina ~ I'm honored! Thank you so much for your very kind words and the lovely award. It means a lot to me, my friend, and I will try to live up to it!

    Mary K.

  2. How very kind of you Tina! Thank you !!

  3. Thanks for the Award Tina, very nice of you. I'll have it posted up tomorrow. :)

  4. Hi Tina! Thanks for the award! I never knew that you've traveled here to Manila.

  5. Thank-you so much for the award Tina! Also, if you'd e-mail me at whitreidsmama at yahoo dot com, you won the day 2 book (The $64 Tomato) from my week of giveaways and I'd love to get it in the mail to you.

  6. fun! wait til you see tomorrow's post on on the way..Tina


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