Thursday, July 30, 2009

999 Challenge Books Category

The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop I have a category in my 999 Challenge labeled "Books about books and libraries." To finish up this category, I read this light easy volume tracing the history of booksellers and their relation/interdependence on publishers. Buzbee does a good job of explaining the business model of most of today's American bookstores, and presents a gentle validation for bibliophiles that it's ok not to be able to read every book every written. I didn't read it for a full review, but rather just to feel good about my out of control book buying habit! If you're curious, here are the 9 books I finished to complete this category: 1. Free for all: oddballs, geeks and gangstas in the public library by Dan Borchert 2. Ex Libris Confessions of a Common Reader by Anne Fadiman 4. So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson 5. Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi 6. The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel 7. Dewey the Small-Town Library Cat by Vicki Myron 8. The YellowLighted Bookshop by Lewis Buzbee 9. Soldier's Heart: Reading Literature throught peace and war at West Point by Elizabeth Samet. It was an eclectic, educational, enjoyable journey around the world of books. I have about 10 more to fit this category that went onto the TBR pile.


  1. Hi Tutu! I have "The Yellow Lighted Bookshop." Is it any good?

  2. It's delightful will enjoy it. Just the right blend of history, business and whimsy.

  3. I'm struggling to finish my 999 category on books/reading/libraries with The Merry Heart. I like it but it's not as engaging as I'd hoped. I might switch to Dewey and call it a day on that category.

    This has been a weird category for me.


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