Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Salon - January 29th

A long lazy day's cold, it's supposed to be partly sunny, until 9:00 tonite, there's nothing to watch on TV (and then all eyes go to Downton Abbey.)  So it will be a perfect day to read, read, read and stitch a bit too.   I've made great progress on those nine books I mentioned last week. I finished four of them, and am really enjoying the others.

I've not had a lot of time to listen to the audios: between bad weather and icy roads and some physical issues I'm dealing with that have kept me from exercising, I haven't spent much time with audios.  I've become so enamored of my Nook that I can't seem to put it down.  The biography of James Monroe, the two World War I books (Guns of August and The Beauty and the Sorrow),  are all huge big chunky books, but so easy to read on the e-reader.  Five Chiefs - the Supreme Court memoir by John Paul Stevens is just the right size print book, beautifully done, not too big, and very easy on the eye. It's also quite readable, and I'm going through it slowly so I'm sure I understand all the legal implications of the discussions.  Then I have a paperback copy of  Farming of Bones to finish for our book club in three weeks.

Finally, yesterday  I succombed to my first case of what my husband fondly calls "eyes bigger than stomach" (for those of us who must overload our plates in a buffet line) and I joined the readalong for A Moveable Feast over at Unputdownables.   I had just gotten the audio of this one from the library, and it will be a great follow-up to A Paris Wife.

So Sunday at Tutu's will be a true day of rest.  We go to church on Saturday evening, and after a nice breakfast of french toast, crisp bacon and some linguicia (Portuguese sausage) and some homemade apple butter and good french roast coffee, I'll be ready to settle into my favorite big chair in front of the fireplace with my two favorite kitties, a pile of books and my Nook.  I'm planning to spend at least 2 of those hours listening to an audio (probably another adventure of Maisie Dobbs) and working on some cross-stitch.  Sure hope your day is as quiet and peaceful as mine promises to be.


  1. Yep, sounds good to me. Can't wait for DA tonight. Love this series!! Enjoy your day of resting, reading, stitching and watching.

  2. Reading in front of a fireplace with books and your pets. What could be better! I'm finding that reading my Kindle books on my new PC with the big screen is not so horrible after all. Something new in the New Year. Enjoy the day!


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