Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Giveaway Queen

One of the most fun things about being a book blogger is getting acquainted (virtually at least) with some wonderful people who share your love of books.  Another is that we are able to feature books we receive from publishers to give away to our wonderful readers as an enticement to a) read and review the books, b) attract more readers to our blog, and c) get come great (AND FREE) publicity for their books.

I haven't run a giveaway in a while because they are time-consuming and my review schedule is really backed up.  The library in town is keeping me quite busy, and frankly, I've wanted to devote my reading to books that truly interested me as a reader, not just books the publisher wanted promoted.  BUT, there is a blogger out there who is my nominee for "Queen of the Giveaways" - BINGO at Bookin' with Bingo.

This lady has the respect of publishers, the devotion of over 1000 followers, and one of the most exciting blogs around. She's ALWAYS running giveaways (I've won a couple myself over the years) and she features a very eclectic assortment of interviews, giveaways, reviews, and graphcis. She is currently celebrating her third "Blogiversary" by giving away a boatload of books.  Several of these giveaways are still underway, so click that link and get on over there and treat yourself.

Thanks Kaye for a wonderful three years.  I'm looking forward to many more.  Now do I get extra points for this post?  LOL

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