Sunday, January 1, 2012

Enjoy the party!

Here's to a wonderful year of happiness, health and
peace for everyone.

I'll be checking in with a recap and some goal setting later today if I can get caught up.  In the meantime,  my thanks to everyone for your faithful following. Tutu has some new challenges in the wings and I hope you'll continue to join me here at the 2 cent roundup.  Now it's back to the party. 


  1. Looking forward to a year full of good reading and your reviews. Have a good winter. The Univ. of Maine is coming to Binghamton Univ. tomorrow to play our women's and men's basketball teams. Don't know who to cheer for since our great-niece plays for Maine! Fun to see her play.

  2. I will not be doing a round up...but I will always be around here!
    Best New Years Wishes...
    and stop by ..the Boys have a New Year Wish!

  3. Thanks for adding some great choices to my reading list!


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