Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Winging Away!

Every once in awhile, Mr & Mrs Tutu take leave of their senses and depart the peaceful shores of the Weskeag River to visit other parts of this wonderful world.  This week we're zooming west to attend Mr. Tutu's 50th high school reunion in central California.  While we're there, we'll be visiting with a host of friends and family, soaking up some sunshine, and I suspect battling a wee bit of traffic.

Tutu has loaded up her NOOK with lots of wonderful books to read.  Many thanks to NetGalley for providing publishers a way to make their ARCs available in the e-format.  At the rates airlines are charging for baggage these days, no way could I afford to take more than one book with me and that one book is  Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen.  I read this two years ago, but our local book club (which meets 12 hours after I get home next week) is reading this one as part of a series we're doing on women's cultures in different countries.  More on that series next week.  I remember it as a fascinating read the 1st time, and I'm looking forward to a re-read.  And I'm VERY thankful that Ms. Yoshimoto's prose is quite sparse.  The tiny little book is less than 200 pages, and fits nicely into my purse.

I've also loaded a few audio books on my MP3 for those times (particularly on the plane) when I want to close my eyes and ignore my seat mates (Mr. Tutu excepted of course.)  I have a few reviews waiting to be posted, and plan to finish another two while I'm gone.

Don't forget the Jeffrey Archer audio giveaway---we need more entrants to pick a winner.

Have a wonderful week - I sure plan to.  Many thanks to our neighbors taking care of the homefront, and all the volunteers at my library who let us get away for this once in a lifetime event.


  1. How exciting! Enjoy your trip! By the way, I forgot to mention that I received my winning book last week--Only Time Will Tell. Looking forward to reading it when I finish High School Confidential. Thanks again!

  2. have a great time!!

    I expect to be up in your state by the time you get home. maybe I'll drop by your town..I know it is somewhere mid-coast..


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