Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Sunday Salon: More Old Books

While the real reason we are here in Central California this week was to attend the 50th reunion of Downey HS in Modesto (and I can assure you a good time was had by all), we have also been spending quite a bit of time helping family members sort through treasures and memories from now deceased parents and step-parents.  There are two storage units where stuff has been stashed for almost 30 years, and we are going through a lot of stuff (and a lot of dust).  Much has gone (or will go shortly) to the dump, and this afternoon we will be sorting through boxes and boxes of old pictures and letters to make sure everyone in the family -kids and grandkids--gets a good pile of memories.  However, tomorrow the real work will take place as we go through some antique chests (there's one we know came over from the Azores in the late 1800's), and many many boxes labeled BOOKS! 

Of course, everyone said "OH're the book lady" .... and couldn't understand why I groaned.  Our suitcases were absolutely stuffed coming out, so there will be some real decision making to happen tomorrow. 

But...........speaking of books, I did finish Theodora a couple days ago.  The publisher has requested that we hold all reviews until nearer the Sept 27 pub date, so stay tuned....It's a great one!

I have to finish my re-read of Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen for our book group on Wednesday, so I may not be up on the loop too much before then.  In the meantime, I hope you all have as much fun this Sunday as I'm having.


  1. I dread the day I have to clean out 70 years of accumulations in a family home. Hope you get some good treasures.

  2. I'm with Diane! Hope you find some good stuff!

  3. Try to pace yourself if possible going through all that work. Hope you do find a lot of treasures.

    I keep telling TBG WE need to start cleaning stuff out of here so our girls won't have to do too much.

  4. I am thinking of giving away all my in an empty house, so no one will ever have this problem. my recliner..a lamp...and my books of course. the rest goes!

    BTW, the weather in Maine was lovely today!


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