Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: A Killer Plot (A Books by the Bay Mystery)

Author: Ellery Adams
Format: Advanced galley, 320 pages 
Characters: Olivia Limoges, Havilland the dog, Bayside Book Writers
Subject: murder, writing
Setting: Outer Banks of North Carolina
Series: Books by the Bay Mysteries
Genre: cozy mystery
Source: ARC from author
Challenge:ARCs completed

What a combo! Take an elegant but mysterious single wealthy female Olivia Limoges owner of an adorable intelligent well mannered dog named Havilland, living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Add an intelligent, sympatico, charming eligible police chief. Mix in small town atmosphere, great food served in several locations, a group of would be writers, and a murderer who writes Haiku!  This one is delightful.  Billed as the beginning of a new series (Books by the Bay Mysteries) written by the popular J.B. Stanley under the pseudonym Ellery Adams, the reader is instantly in love with the characters and  the setting, and becomes wrapped up in the town's dilemma: should they approve the sale of a popular but run down park to a conglomerate owned by a native son who made big bucks and moved away, even though it means moving several old graves to a non-descript setting across town?

When a visiting journalist, intent on digging up dirt on the would be owners is found murdered in a dark alley, and the only clue is a strange Haiku spray painted at the site, the local writers group (which the victim belonged to) led by Olivia, sets out to help the chief interpret the Haiku and find the murderer.  The reader will have to read the rest of the story.

There are several other delightful characters who- in this first volume-are given just enough personality for us to want to get to know more.  And in addition to the chief, the new book store owner also appears to offer possibilities for some romance in addition to the mysteries to come. Did I mention the cover alone would make me buy it.  Too bad my ARC has a plain orange wrapper!!

Many thanks to Ellery Adams for sending me an advance copy to review.

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  1. OMG! I am lusting over this book. The cover is so enticing. I love the characters names - Limoges and Havilland, what a sense of humor J.B. has!! What? No one named Royal Doulton? I'm so glad to see you enjoyed the book.


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