Saturday, April 25, 2009

Review: Gilead

Warning...this is not a real review because I just could NOT finish this book. I read almost 125 pages, then tried listening to it on audio, and frankly just found it plain BORING. I know it won the Pulitzer, but it's not a prize winner for me. Set in the midwest, the main character is a dying old man who has been a preacher all his life, he was the son of a preacher, and his best friend was a preacher. He marries late in life, has a son, and decides as he's dying, to write letters to his son to be read in the son's adulthood. This is after he claims to have hand-written 67,000 pages of weekly sermons. The man sure do like to hear his own words! But those words are dry, drier, and make for the driest book I have ever read. Several other reviewers have indicated that it takes a while to get into, but after two weeks of 'getting into', I'm not willing to sap my energy anymore. Perhaps this is the reason for my previously reported reading funk?


  1. I haven't read Gilead, but I did read her novel Home (written after Gilead). I finished it, but I had to force myself. I kept thinking it had to get better. It didn't! Thanks for your honesty.

  2. Sometimes award winners prove something of a let down, very interested in hearing your response to this book. Don't you just hate the reading rut, I find when I'm stressed I have trouble getting into a book, ironic really when that is when you could most use the diversion and relaxation of a good book. Hope your next read is a good one.


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