Saturday, April 18, 2009

Review: Delectable Mountains

Pilgrim's Progress never made it onto my reading list, but this book gave me just enough hint about it that I'm going to go and at least pick up a copy to see more. This is actually a mystery story, one of the Benni Harper series in which Benni, wife of police Chief Gabe Ortiz in San Celina finds herself helping her grandma Dove direct the children of the Church as they work to present a musical play based on Pilgrim's Progress. While the children learn their lines, and make progress toward the Delectable Mountains of the book, the church custodian is murdered during one of the rehearsals. A small girl is the only witness (or is she?), Gabe's long-lost cousin Luis suddenly appears in town, an old beau starts getting too cozy, a priceless violin is stolen from the Catholic mission in town, and Benni, (smart girl our Benni) begins to think there may be one too many coincidences in all of this. The ending is particularly suspenseful and exciting. This is the first of this series I've read, but the plotting, setting, and characters will certainly have me going back to search for earlier ones, as I look for PP on the shelves to find out what it was really about. I actually listened to this in audio, and it was extremely well done. The different characters, accents, and motivations were easy to hear, and made it quite an enjoyable experience. I love books that lead me to look for others.


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