Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Technology rant---WAHHHH

Today...I'm feeling very old. For various reasons, I'm now the proud(?) owner of a Blackberry and now I'm also researching various ways to seek revenge on the people who designed and documented this idiot machine. My fingers are too fat, my eyes too old, my ears too sensitive to tinny sounds, but since I never met a geek toy I didn't like, I'm sure I'll master it..at least by my 90th birthday or the expiration of my contract. I spent about 4 hours last night getting the settings adjusted, scrolling thru various menu features, finding out I could actually read (or at least download) my blog on the dang thing. How cool is that? IT's not!!! --even zooming in, it's hard to see, and getting to the comments---forgedaboutit. I don't understand a world that is trying to sell me a 52" TV (we call them Bubba's in this household) so I can enjoy the big screen experience at the same time they're selling me a screen the size of an ink-jet cartridge and telling me I can download and watch movies. Of course that also means, if I'm polite and wish to watch in public, I now have to cram some painful device into my ear so I can hear the movie. But does the bluetooth I have from my previous phone work with this one? Or the car charger? Of course not!!! My model is the one that flips sideways (it's the BB Storm) sorta like shifting from Portrait to Landscape, and if you tilt it just past whatever axis it's programmed to, it flips on its side. YIKES. I'm getting seasick. And I keep pressing the wrong buttons!! DOUBLE YIKES!!! I really just wanted a new Palm (mine is d-e-d dead) but since they only come in phone varieties now, and my wireless carrier doesn't do Palms, I settled for this BB. I'm sure in the end I'll get to know and love it...at least until the first bill comes in. I wonder if I could get my email in the ICU while recovering from the bill induced heart attack?


  1. I crave an iTouch.
    A total toy, even if it does have useful purposes and I think my iPod is about to die...but it is a total toy.
    ..and i want it...lol

  2. I'm so old-fashioned I don't even have a cell phone yet and don't intend to EVER get one. I'll admit I couldn't possibly live without a computer and the internet, but anything more modern - forget it. I really don't understand why people have to be in touch 100% of the day and night. Don't you long to just be out of reach sometimes? This puts me firmly in the "old geezer" category, but so be it.

  3. Rural view...I am much more old fashioned than perhaps that post indicated. I do keep a cell phone with me, but use it 90% of the time for outgoing calls. The Palm (hand held device) was my personal notebook, and that's what I was upset about....it had my calendar, address book, and lots of notes (including a list of books to look for in the book store!).

    Unfortunately, it was a really old model, and I hadn't been able to "sync" it with the addresses and calendar on my computer since I got my Vista laptop last year. So, when it died, it seemed like my angels were saying "OK Tina...it's time." I still intend to use it mostly as a personal notebook, and simply a phone. I remember when I got the first Palm--I inherited it from my daughter--and kept saying "I'll never use it." LOL.

    I'm not into bells and whistles, but when I talked to my daughter on the land-line phone last night, she assured me I'd be a "crackberry addict" by the end of the year.

    Of course, I remember party-lines...

  4. Giggle. I am a total Luddite. I do have a cell phone but barely know how to use it (and never have it turned on to boot). Sometimes I look at the cool gizmos and think I want one and then I remember the electronic rolodex I coveted, acquired, used rarely, and which has long since gone the way of the dinosaurs.


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