Monday, May 19, 2014

Review: Small Plates: Short Fiction by Katherine Hall Page

Katherine Hall Page has delighted me for several years with her Faith Fairchild mysteries. I love the character, the settings and the usually plausible plots. In this newest volume from Page, she has given us 9 fantastic short stories which amazed me in their ability to pack in character, setting and a good plot line in such a short span. The longest story was only about 25 pages long.

It's always difficult to review individual short stories but the variety of plots and time periods is quite interesting. THere are ghosts, great recipes (what else can you expect from Faith Fairchild?), murder plots that backfire, jilted lovers seeking revenge, a gorgeous Maine beach,and two-timing spouses; there are bloody knives and poisoned puddings; and there's a final story that is biblically inspired and touching. Perfect for a Christmas reading.

In each story, Faith manages to put in an appearance. Sometimes she is central to the story, in others she's sitting on the sidelines. All in all this is a thoroughly enjoyable collection and one which I intend to purchase for my personal collection when it's published.

Publishers Note: The novella "The Two Marys," included within, was nominated for an Agatha Award.  Katherine Hall Page is one of the only authors to have won an Agatha in all three categories: Best Novel (The Body in the Snowdrift), Best Short Story ("The Would-Be Widower"), and Best First Novel (The Body in the Belfry). The cookbook Have Faith in Your Kitchen was nominated for a nonfiction Agatha. The Body in the Bonfire and The Body in the Ivy were both nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Novel, and The Body in the Lighthouse was nominated for a Mary Higgins Clark Award.

. "The Would-Be Widower" was also nominated for a 2002 Macavity Award and appears in the mystery compilation Malice Domestic 10.

Title: Small Plates: Short Fiction
Author: Katherine Hall Page
Publisher:William Morrow (2014), Hardcover, 240 pages
Genre: Mystery, short stories
Subject: murderous relationships
Source: Electronic review copy from publisher via Edelweiss
Why did I read this book now? A review copy was offered by the publisher and I'm a fan of this author


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