Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mini Mention: The Woman who Wouldn't Die by Colin Cotterill

Tutu is starting a new feature here on the blog.  Because I tend to read in series, it sometimes gets boring for me - and I'm sure for you too - to write reviews for ongoing story lines and the same set of characters.  So starting today, unless the book is just off the presses and I've been given a review copy by the publisher or author, I'm giving myself permission to do a "MINI MENTION" vice a review.

This series has been an enjoyable one up to now, so I was happy to see a new adventure on the shelf.  However, I have to say that this latest one disappointed.  I'm sure there are followers who were thrilled by the historical backfill of the French colonization of Laos and Madame Daeng's early life.  It just seemed like a lot of fill-er-up to me.  It may have been that I wasn't concentrating enough, and I'll probably try this one again later on. 

Same characters, same kinds of silliness and humor, but somehow it didn't work.  Maybe just a few too many spirits and ghosts.  If you're a fan of the series, you'll still enjoy seeing how Dr. Siri continues his adventures even after his "retirement".  If you've never read them before, don't start here....pick an earlier one.  In fact, this series builds so well it's best to start at the beginning.

Title: The Woman Who Wouldn't Die
Author: Colin Cotterill
Publisher: Soho Crime (2014), Paperback, 336 pages
Genre: mystery
Subject: Laotion history, missing persons, ghosts
Setting: Laos
Series: Dr. Siri Paiboun mysteries #9
Source: Public library
Why did I read this book now?  I like the series and wanted to stay current.


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