Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review : A Cold White Sun by Vicki Delaney

A Cold White Sun by Vicki Delaney

I loved the setting of this one - it was a perfect read during an unexpectedly hot spell we had in Maine 
It’s the end of March and Trafalgar, British Columbia, is preparing for the last influx of skiers for the season.
Constable Molly Smith becomes involved in assisting the homicide unit in solving the murder of a young teacher who was gunned down by a sniper while out on her normal walk early one morning.  No witnesses, but some tracks, a few pieces of forensic evidence, and several suspects.  There's a hapless husband, some hyper in-laws, two children left motherless, and the dog who was there when it happened. 

Was the victim stalking someone?  Is that person the killer? Who else could possibly want her dead.  She was a school teacher, a model mother, a young devoted wife.  Or was she?

While all this is happening, Molly begins questioning her own long-term relationship with a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police when she meets a handsome stranger on the ski slopes.  Surely this handsome fellow can provide more excitement than she's been used to up to now.

As with earlier books in this series, Vicki Delaney gives us good characters with motivations that drive the story, an excellent plot that produces many suspects but leaves us guessing until the end, and the exquisite setting of the Canadian ski slopes of British Columbia.  A lover of mysteries can't ask for much more.

Many thanks to Poisoned Pen Press for making an e-galley available through Net Galley.  Publication date is August 6th.

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  1. I could use some snow about now...if even in a book.


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