Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Sundays in Maine

Summer has jumped over spring and arrived here on the coast of Maine in all its glory. I'm taking a day off from reading to enjoy everything that made us move to Maine nine years ago this week.

Just Wednesday nite, we still had a fire going in the wood burning stove, and as late as a week ago, we were having frost warnings, but yesterday even here on the coast we got to 85. The good weather started on Thursday and has continued so far. In fact, it was so gorgeous Friday afternoon, I considered moving our libary's mahjongg group outside to play in the park across the street.

Friday night we dined al fresco at a local restaurant that has recently re-opened under new ownership.  We split the calamari basket, had an extra order of cole slaw, a good glass of Portuguese wine, and that left room for a gorgeous dessert to be enjoyed as we watched the sunset over the St. George River.

Saturdays I went over to check out a newly launched  local farmer's market in the parking lot of a neighboring town's library. How cool is that?  Park once, hit the market and the library in one stop!  We have a CSA share in one of the small family farms  and chose the storefront option where we get to spend our funds on anything the farmstore (or stand) is offering. I bought eggs and lamb chops.

Today, with a beautiful sea breeze to make things comfortable, (we're only at 66 right now) we have the ceiling fans going, the windows open, the screen doors up, the deck swept off, and plants that have been incubating in our sun room are finally in the planters we use for herbs, small patio variety veggies.  I even finally have irises blooming and buds on the rosa rugosa.  We had french toast from the homemade bread bought yesterday along with farm fresh free range organic eggs, and tonite we'll grill those lamb chops and serve them with some yummy rainbow chard which will be sauteed with onion, lemon, butter, olive oil, and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.  

In the meantime, don't forget the giveaway for Beth Hoffman's new book Looking for Me - deadline is tomorrow at 6:00 pm.  It's really a wonderful story- my review will post on Tuesday along with the name of the winner.  So hurry up and enter.  If you've already been there, you can get one extra by just going back and simply typing "extra' in the comment field.

Enjoy Sunday.  I certainly am.


  1. Maine sounds lovely. Glad you are enjoying the food and weather.

  2. Some of my favorite reads are set in Maine...I love visualizing and "feeling" the ambience.

    The Beth Hoffman book is one I received in the mail this week. Here'sMY MONDAY MEMES POST

  3. Oh warm weather. How I miss you! I must look out for Beth Hoffman's book down here.


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