Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We're Home! - Contest extended.

Just a quick note to say thanks for your patience to all my faithful readers. We've arrived safely back in our nest in Maine, and while Real Life is still keeping us busy, I'm going to be able to catch up on posting here during the next week, so get ready to read about some awesome books. Our Maine Readers Choice Award is up and running. I hope to finish reading the final one of the 10 books on the shortlist today or tomorrow and then give you reviews and comments.

Don't forget the contest for the giveaway for Constance Harding's (Rather) Startling Year ends soon.  The original deadline was tomorrow but I'm extending it until the weekend.  So leave me a comment for an entry no later than 11:59PM Sunday night April 29th.  If you've entered before, you are hereby granted a special blessing to leave another comment for a second entry.  I'll pick the winner on Monday.

And......I plan to finish Miss Julia Stirs up Trouble by the end of the week.  That contest will post with the upcoming review.

I haven't gotten to the Post Office to pick up my two weeks worth of mail waiting there and see what goodies the book fairy has left.  I did pick up a few from Net Galley which I 'll tell you about in the next Monday Mailbox.

Now if I could just convince spring to come here in Maine ....those plain brown trees are just begging for some leaves!

Stay tuned............

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