Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Shoutout - Life and Reading don't always mesh

Let's hear it for a Sunday as a day of rest.  I have been so involved with Real Life that I didn't even get around to two very important posts last weekend, so I'm doing this one early and scheduling it for Sunday so I can truly have a day of doing NOTHING.

First,  a belated Happy Easter to all my Christian friends who celebrate this important holiday.  We had a very intense week of church services and choir practices starting with Palm Sunday (March 24th) and ending on Easter Sunday.  I had choir practice and/or church service every night that week with the exception of the Tuesday nite when we had our annual TOWN MEETING here in Maine.  I love the dynamics of the Town Meeting form of government.  The town is the legistlative body.  The town passes the budget, the town elects its officials for the year, and decides what projects to undertake.  A lot of people went to a lot of trouble putting together a very well developed budget and ordnances making it a relatively painless experience.  It took only two hours to get everything voted on.

The other important post I missed (again this year) was to mention that March 29th was my 4th blogoversary.  I  started this adventure in March 2009, and have enjoyed every minute of being able to blab about books, travel, and life in Maine.  I look forward to having all my wonderful followers tagging along for another year or two or three or more.....

Last week I also did a lot of work on my upcoming class reunion.  I managed to complete the 50 page memory book, inserting biographical sketches and updated photos my classmates sent and getting the booklet to the printer on time.  I picked up the finished pages, collated them with front and back covers, and they are now packed and ready to go in my car when we leave later this week.

 I've been reading a lot of really good books for a special project, and should be ready to blog about them and the project itself later this month.

And finally, under the good news/bad news column,  I managed to kill my MP3 while swimming last Monday.  It appears that the waterproof pouch only works if the user LOCKS the pouch closed.  When this vital step is overlooked, water pours in and the electronic device says "Too bad, so sad, I'm not going to work any more."    AARGH..............I cannot live without my audio books, so I quickly ordered a much cheaper and less fancy model online, paid for next day delivery, and had resigned myself to having to re-learn a new set of controls and menus.  In the meantime, just for chuckles, I put the drowned unit in a big ziplock bag of rice, and left it.  On Wednesday, after my new MP3 arrived, and I went to get my charging cord, I discovered that the old one had an Easter moment and had returned from the dead.  I now have two (port and starboard as we say here in sailor land) ---great deal because now I can have one charging while I listen to the other.  A better Easter present than all the Chocolate bunnies in the world.

The rest of the month will be exciting - two reunions to attend: one a ship reunion in Florida, the other a high school reunion in Baltimore.  I promise to take pictures, and a Kindle and a Nook and at least one MP3 so I can get some reading done in the car and on the planes.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. A ship reunion in Florida does sound good! Have fun with your new audio device!


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