Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Catching up on an "old" series by Rose Connors

Years  ago (2009)  I read "Absolute Certainty" by Rose Connors.  At that time, I wasn't writing reviews but did make a note to keep an eye out in case any more by this author appeared.  As with many good intentions, Connors slipped off my radar.  Last month, I discovered the rest of this enjoyable series was available in audio so I grabbed "Temporary Sanity" (#2) in the series.  I gobbled that one up last week while I was at home on a snowy day.  Yesterday, while "watching" the Niners go down to defeat (nuf said) and cross-stitching, I listened to the audio of "Maximum Security".   There is a 4th in the series, "False Testimony" and I'd love to jump right into that one, but I think I'll put it on hold for awhile.  Sometimes when I read too many of a series together, the story and characters begin to wear on me.  Putting some space out there helps to keep them fresh.

These are compelling courtroom drama series.  Set in Cape Cod, they portray the law career of Marty Nickerson who advances from being Assistant DA for the town of Chatham in episode #1, to being a partner in a criminal defense law firm in 2- 4.The Crime stories ring true, the reader is given various clues throughout and can usually "solve" the case a few pages before Ms. Nickerson. The tales are enhanced by a diverse caste of characters: the hard-nosed DA, Geraldine Schilling, the sane and compassionate Judge Long, and Marty's partner in law and in life, studly Harry Madigan.

It sometimes stretches the imagination to see how much crime an author can reasonably dish up for a small town, but the stories are varied enough to avoid repetition.  I notice Ms. Connors hasn't written a new one since 2006.  I wonder if she intends anymore? Or did the crime wave settle down?

The audios were narrated by Bernadette Dunne, one of my favorites.  She really nails Marty Nickerson's smart-aleck tongue-in-cheek comments.  At the same time, she is skilled at giving us just the right intonation so that the listener can differentiate between unspoken thoughts and directly voiced ideas.  A masterful performance.

If you are a fan of crime/court-room/legal mysteries, strong woman protagonists, interesting characters, and a beautiful setting, these may just be perfect for you.  Don't assume because they're "older" that they're out-of-date.


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