Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Sound-Off - Jan 6th- The Reading Life

Merriam Webster:  Sound off: to voice one's opinions freely with force  
Synonyms:pipe up, shoot, sound off, speak out, spout (off), talk up
Related Words:  bawl, bay, bellow, call, cry, holler, roar, shout, sing (out), thunder, vociferate, yell; articulate, enunciate
Did they forget my favorite "Bloviate"?

Welcome to Sunday Sound-Off, a series of  regular weekly postings about my reading life, my other than reading life, and life in general in Maine. I still plan to post reviews for much of my reading but will probably confine that function to books provided by publishers, or those I find so compelling that I must shout out.  I also encourage you to drop a comment sounding off about your week, your gripes, your reading life, etc.

To help me in organizing my life, this year my family decided NOT to get me any more books or gift certificates for Christmas.  Instead I got tools.   There were new nibs for my favorite fountain pen.  I'm still a fan of fountain pens, and must confess that it's really the only writing instrument I feel physically comfortable with if ink is required.  I'm a mechanical pencil addict for crosswords, sudokus, and plain old notes (not to mention the occasional sinful 'tick' in a book that I may own).

My darling daughter--she who inherited my reading lust and tastes--also gave me some refills on my book checkout kit, so I have actual date due cards and pockets to keep track of books I loan to friends and family,  and two packs of Levenger's wonderful bookmark note cards.  I'll be going through these by the time Mother's Day rolls around I'm sure (hint, hint family). Not sure if you can see all the topics, but there's even a row across the bottom to select a rating.  I filled four of these for the Vera Brittain book.

Since we returned,  I've gotten the library's annual budget submitted, got the template set up for my HS reunion booklet, and spent an exasperating 4-6 hours trying to get my Nook re-linked with the Adobe Digital Editions(ADE) on my computer.  It wasn't a NOOK problem. Somehow ADE got "unauthorized" and after trying everything suggested on Adobe's distinctly UN-user friendly web page "help", I bit the bullet and clicked on the "live-chat" button where a very helpful Adobe person got my logon reset within half an hour.  Of course, I then had to reload all those Net Galley and library books still available for download,  thus my actual reading time was almost non-existent this week.

So today I'm luxuriating in a slow day off.  I finally finished my first book of the New Year (although I started it way back on December 1st) and will get you all a review of Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain sometime later this week. I'm determined this afternoon to finish the 2 hours I have left on the audio of Stef Penney's The Invisible Ones while I sit in front of the fire, smell a nice stew bubbling away on the stove and finally get to some cross-stitching all the while watching the pretty snow fluffies provide some comfy gorgeous scenery. And I'll get a chance to try out the awesome clip on magnifying glasses I got in the Christmas stocking.

Enjoy your Sunday......and don't forget to "sound off" about anything that floats your boat.


  1. I think I can smell that stew- - -

  2. no book gift cards? that seems a bit extreme!! lol


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