Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: A New Year, A New Reading Paradigm

Tutu is looking forward to a very active 2013 but I'm not thinking there's going to be too too much organized reading because in 2013 I have the following challenges to take up my time:

1. Editing and supervising the production and printing of a memory book for our high school's 50th reunion scheduled for April 20th. Gathering information and pictures from 67 women (over 1/2 of whom don't even have an email address) is going to be a huge challenge.

2. Planing and executing a WEST COAST (central California) family reunion for Mr. Tutu's 70th birthday this summer. Remember we live in Maine, and have to round up family from Virginia, Oregon, Washington State, Maine, and California and find a spot we can all (or most) afford that is within driving distance of the old homestead in the San Joaquin valley.

3. Shameless pimping here!!!! Help Mr. Tutu with marketing his first book due out in April. Stay tuned for more details, but Tutu actually likes it!!! We may even be doing a giveaway so keep in touch.

4. Continue working as town librarian.

5. Continue 3-4 weekly pool sessions.

5. Juggle other travel to two different ship reunions in April and October.

Somewhere in there, I'm supposed to find time to read??????

So - my current plans are to do a weekly post, usually on Sunday. If you're afraid you'll miss the fun, why not subscribe to the email feed. Then you'll be sure to keep up with all Tutu's adventures. I'm hoping to hit my blog reader every Sunday and stop by each of you wonderful followers at least once a month. How else will I know what terrific books you'll have found for me to add to my TBR pile?

In the meantime, many best wishes to everyone for a wonderful 2013.


  1. Good luck in 2013. I hope you get to read more and have a great 2013.

  2. Happy New Year and good luck with your plans for 2013! I hope you find lots of time for reading!


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