Friday, October 5, 2012

Lazy days...jammy days

Today is one of those early autumn days where a heavy fog is keeping the sun away.  When I awoke, it was chilly, the rain was making a steady dripping sound outside the window, and I could smell the coffee Mr. Tutu had put on to brew. Even with the blinds open, I still needed a lamp to see. It was the first day this week when absolutely NOTHING was on the schedule. So I grabbed a cup of coffee, my glasses,  my Nook, threw on a bed jacket, and crawled back into bed  to read. smartphone, no computer, no alarm set.  And notice another old fashioned term?   A bed jacket.  It's not cold enough to turn on the furnace, but it's dreary and chilled enough that sitting up in bed without something around my shoulders wasn't cutting it.  My mother and grandmother always had "bed jackets" and recently they seem to be making a comeback.  Mr. Tutu has given me several over the past couple years, and they're just perfect for our chilly weather. Mine are fleece, cape-shaped but with sleeves and pockets.  Perfect.

True, I didn't grab a "real" book to read.  Early in the morning my arthritic hands just won't hold a book.  Wrapping them around a nice mug of coffee gets them going, and the light weight of the e-reader means I can gallop on through a book pain free. Who says you can't mix new technology with old-fashioned comfort?  I chose not to worry about projects, book reviews, or planning for an upcoming trip. It was wonderful just to have a day to myself.

So with my trusty kitty to keep me warm, a quiet house, and a good book, I really didn't have to get out of bed until my stomach yelled "FEED ME."

Every once in a while, we all need a jammy day.  I hope you get one too.


  1. sounds wonderful, those are the days I call Quiet time!

  2. Same kind of cool here in North Texas. I used to have a pink quilted one that I loved when I was a kid. After reading your blog, I am longing for another one, going bed jacket shopping today.

    Another way to read a book when your hands hurt is by listening to an audio book.


    1. Carol...almost 50% of my reading is audio, but there are times when I just have to read a book either because I got the print version from the publisher for review, or it's one I really want to read and it's not available in audio yet.

  3. Jammy days are the best! We don't usually have days that are too chilly to get up here in FL.


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