Sunday, October 14, 2012

Autumn leaves - they're not all red and gold!

I rounded a curve in the road earlier this week and was blasted with this view. I had to pull over because it occurred to me that one of the reasons our autumns are so celebrated is the range of color. At this time, the sun had gone behind fast gathering storm clouds, so the silver leaves of the quaking, quivering Aspen on the left side of the rode looked almost white, and stood out in stark contrast to the brilliant red of the shrub on the right.

Who needs to go to the Louvre when nature paints scenes like this for us to see at home?


  1. Just simply GORGEOUS!! My favorite time of year!! Thanks for the lovely picture.

  2. We might drive around a bit this weekend just to get more of the fall colors in all their variety! Nice photo.

  3. WOW....that saying "take time to smell the roses" applies t0 leaf peeping as well; lovely shot.


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