Friday, June 15, 2012

Save the Bookstores Day

Tomorrow is National Save Bookstores Day!

I saw this campaign on Facebook the other day linking to a post from a great blog Mystery Suspense extolling the values of our independent bookstores.  Audio and e-books are certainly making a mark in the reading world, but there is still nothing like a good real book.  It's a totally sensual experience--the smell, the weight, the colors, the print, the feel of the paper as you slowly page through and see those words and the ideas they form.

One of my sisters is in town for the weekend, and I think that we two will venture forth today and tomorrow and search out a few indies.  I always try to shop small businesses at least one Saturday a month, and I can do both, enjoy the beautiful weather, and have a good time doing it.  I have a couple of Maine authors I want to buy up - both for my personal library and for our town collection.

I'll post my purchases in the "mailbox" next week. The weather people have promised an absolutely glorious weather week so let's all get out there and save our wonderful precious reading gems, and enjoy some of your local food in the process too!  Lobster rolls anyone?


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