Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Save the Bookstores Day!

As I mentioned earlier, today is Save our Bookstores Day. My sister and I had a delightful afternoon in downtown Brunswick Maine yesterday, and dropped into Gulf of Maine Books, owned by Gary Lawless and Beth Leonard. The selection was small but quite varied....something for everybody. I was able to pick up a new book that Mr. Tutu had mentioned he really wanted, and now have Father's Day ready to roll.

Thanks so much to all our Indie Bookstore owners for keeping alive treasures like this store. Yes, I probably could have gotten it cheaper from Amazon, but I would never have seen several of the others that were spread there for my browsing pleasure. My TBR pile grew another 3-4 inches.

Tutu with Beth Leonard (co-owner of Gulf of Maine Books, Brunswick ME). 


  1. What a good cause to be supporting! We have a great independent bookstore with a large selection of mysteries, which I really appreciate. I guess e-books are hurting independent bookstores too?

  2. sorry to say it might be too late around here.


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