Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Treasures from the Attic - Giveaway

Treasures from the Attic
The Extraordinatory Story of Anne Frank’s Family
By Mirjam Pressler

What a wonderful opportunity Random House has arranged for us! We have two copies of this extraordinary book to giveaway. The author, Mirjam Pressler, is the beloved German author who translated Anne Frank's diaries.  Here's what they're saying:

The story is one that is envisioned by many: a relative, an old woman who has lived in the same home for a lifetime, passes away, her death prompting the inevitable task of sorting through her effects by her surviving family. But in the attic in this particular house, a treasure trove of historic importance is found. Rarely does this become an actuality, but when Helene Elias died, no one could put a price on what she left behind.

Helene Elias was born Helene Frank, sister to Otto Frank, and therefore aunt to Anne Frank. Ensconced upstairs in the house she inherited from her mother, and eventually passed on to her son, Buddy Elias, Anne’s cousin and childhood playmate, was the documented legacy of the Frank family: a vast collection of photos, letters, drawings, poems, and postcards preserved throughout decades—a cache of over 6,000 documents in all.

Chronicled by Buddy’s wife, Gertrude, and renowned German author Mirjam Pressler, these findings weave an indelible, engaging, and endearing portrait of the family that shaped Anne Frank. They wrote to one another voluminously; recounted summer holidays, and wrote about love and hardships. They reassured one another during the terrible years and waited anxiously for news after the war had ended. Through these letters, they rejoiced in new life, and honored the memories of those they lost.

Anne’s family believed themselves to ordinary members of Germany’s bourgeoisie. That they were wrong is part of history, and we celebrate them here with this extraordinary account.

Now doesn't that sound like one you'd like to read.  It's easy to enter to win one of these copies.  Here are the rules:
  • Enter by leaving a comment saying why you'd like to win the book and then completing the form below.  The form will automatically give us the info for all extra entires.  You just have to fill it out once!
  • The deadline to enter is 11:59 pm Pacific on July 20th
  • Winners will be selected at random.
  • Since this is from Doubleday the winners must have a mailing addresses in the US; no PO Boxes.
Remember  - Comment+ Form to enter.
Good luck!


  1. I would luv to win and read this book. Any new book connected to Anne Frank's life is fascinating. The stories about the other people in Anne Frank's life help keep Anne Frank's story, the happenings in her Diary, alive. I also like to read about old houses and letters and diaries and the objets d'art discovered in these homes.

    My mother always wrote letters to the rest of family. She wrote to my father's mother, my grandmother, in Florida. We lived in Pa. When my sister moved with her family to North Carolina from Pa. my mother wrote long letters telling about our circumstances, etc. I would luv to have those letters. Once my mother showed a bundle of love letters written to her by my father. So I relate to this wonderful book. I want to read it badly.

  2. I love history books, and this one looks quite interesting. Plus, I've read two of Mirjam Pressler's novels and would like to see how she does with a different genre.

  3. The form didn't disappear. I guess it will go away later.

  4. Tina, This sounds like a wonderful book. I had no idea someone had memorabilia from the Frank family.

  5. Thank you for this amazing book which would be in itself a treasure which I would cherish. I have read numerous historical novels, fiction and non-fiction about this era, the Holocaust and Anne Frank. These books are unforgettable and represent real history. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. What a wonderful book which is completely fascinating and unique. Letter writing is a precious art which I learned from my mother who wrote letters to family and friends her entire life. I continued with this tradition. Many thanks. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  7. I have read a few other books on Anne Frank, and find the topic very interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.
    mtakala1 AT yahoo DOT com

  8. I'm one of those who has been mesmerized by Anne Frank since the movie came out in the late 1950s. I'd love to have a copy of this book.

  9. The historic value of this book is amazing. Thank you for the giveaway.

    lag110 at mchsi dot com

  10. Sounds like a wonderful story. I read Miep Gies' book a few years ago and really enjoyed that as well.

  11. I love history and artifacts. I'm excited about all the primary source materials that were discovered from this sad period of World History, particularly since it involves Anne Frank's family.

  12. I remember reading The diary of Anne Frank as a young girl and have always been fascinated by her plight. It made everything feel more real to me. I think this would be a wonderful addendum to her story for me.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com


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