Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Job for Retirement

Last night while I was posting about my post retirement plans, the town selectmen were busy approving my appointment as the Director of the town library for a one year term. I really am going to have to get more choosy about my reading.

Much of my reading time is going to be devoted to deciding how to spend those limited dollars on books to add to our collection. Fortunately for us, our town has a great group of readers, many of whom come only for the summer, who donate their gently read books and help us add to the variety we can offer.

We are also very blessed here because our library, which is run entirely by volunteers, is able to draw on the talents of some very dedicated people - we have several retired teachers/librarians/booksellers and devoted readers who are loyal workers, making it very easy to give the town a first-class library. We have programs for adults, story hours for little ones, computers, 24/7 wireless access, we have downloadable audio and e-books, inter-library loan, an online catalog, etc etc etc. We're quite proud of what kind of bang we're able to give the town for its buck. So while I'm going to be a bit busy but I'm not giving up reading, and I guess my old coffee mug is going to be kept full for at least another year.

Stop by the blog, stop by the library, and send your suggestions this way. For now, I'm off to the god-daughter's wedding in Dallas for the weekend. I just hope it's not too hot!


  1. Congratulations, Tina. I hope you'll enjoy the job. You're very fortunate to have such a good library in a small town. I've lived in cities where the library is just a sin because funding is always cut for the library before anything else.

  2. I imagine my comment got lost on Blogger's "day off." What I said was - congratulations on your new job. You are lucky to have a community that values its library when so many cities, like the one I lived in in CT, slash the library's budget before anything else.

  3. wow, that is fantastic! good luck!

  4. Oh, Congratulations, Tina! Your town -- and library -- are lucky to have you!


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