Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Monday

I'm old enough to remember when it was called "Decoration Day" - it was the day that everyone went to the cemetery to lay wreaths and flags and flowers to decorate the graves of those who were lost "in the war."

Now of course, we know it as Memorial Day: a day to stop and remember all those who have served their country, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I chose this picture of a harbor here in Maine instead of the cemetery scenes so common today because this is really what we're celebrating-- the service and sacrifices so many made so that we can enjoy this beautiful sky, the freedom to sail and picnic and work and love, and the gorgeous red white and blue stars and stripes.

Please take some time to thank a veteran today. And enjoy your holiday however you spend it.

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  1. I always remember Decoration Day as a day we honored all of our family who had died. When I was the last one left in Illinois, I bought flowers and wreaths to put on graves in two cemeteries. Wouldn't have considered skipping that symbol of respect for those who had gone before even though my uncle was the only one who served.


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