Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Salon -watching the snow melt!

Last Sunday, we enjoyed watching the snow fall --it was like living inside a snow globe.  By now however, we're getting tired of it, so the temperature in the 40s is most welcome. We've had over 36 hours of rain, and the snow is becoming a memory.  The snow itself is beautiful, but having to plow, sand, salt, and pray that the oil and propane trucks can get down our treacherous driveway-- and that we can get out --was becoming tedious.  And of course, that doesn't even cover the anxiety of knowing that the UPS man has several books that can't be delivered because his truck won't make it down our driveway.  After all, priorities are priorities!

Anyway, this type of pioneer living is wonderful for inducing long periods of quiet reading, and--when I can get out-- long workouts in the pool so I listen to some audio books.  I haven't been blogging much and I can't blame it all on the internet connectivity problem.  I've just been too engrossed in reading.

I've finished and will soon post reviews for  
  • Half-Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls - this one is for our book club that meets this week.  It's a great one.
  • The Sins of Brother Curtis ,- an excellent piece of reporting on a story of pedophillia in the Mormon Church, due out sometime this month 
  • The Last Brother  by Nathacha Appanah- an exquisite little book by already leaping onto the Best of the Year list. 
 In addition to writing reviews, I'm going to be spending the afternoon setting up !!!GIVEAWAYS!!!! for two others that will show up first in tomorrow's Maiilbox Monday:

So check back this week....the individual giveaway posts will  be up for grabs by Friday.
  So as you can see I have lots of great reading to do - I'm about 1/2 through Stacey Schiff's wonderful bio of Cleopatra, and my exercising is being enhanced by yet another great episode in Donna Leon's wonderful Commissario Brunetti series.

And finally, Lent starts this week, so I'll be trying to slide in some more serious reading -- that's  much more life enhancing than giving up coffee and candy.



  1. I really need to dive into Half-Broke Horses, which is resting comfortably on my Kindle.

    It's raining here today, and I'm happy not to be surrounded by snow and facing conditions that you're describing.

    We're spoiled here....


  2. Snow is lovely and gorgeous ... and then it gets tiresome and in the way.

    We've been having lots of rain today. I keep thinking it is April or something (April showers/bring May flowers).


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