Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Review: Rules of Deception

Author: Christopher Reich
Format: Hardback, 356 pages
Characters: Dr. Jonathan Ransome, Emma his wife, and a small nation of others
Subject: Espionage, deception, terrorism
Setting: Switzerland
Series: Jonathan Ransome
Genre: Thriller
Source: Public Library

There are lots of adjectives for this one!  Thrilling, stunning, astounding, heart-pounding, and just plain great.

Jonathan Ransome, a surgeon working for Doctors without Borders is skiing in the Alps with his wife Emma, when she is killed in a horrible accident.  He then discovers she is not who she appeared to be, and as he tries to discover who she really was and what she was doing with her life, he is pulled into an elaborate web of deception, espionage, murder, double agents, and finds himself in mortal danger.

There were almost too many plot twists for my brain to handle. There was also some techno-speak which the author handled very deftly.  I had to pay attention, but I was able to understand what was happening and why. My husband loves these kinds of stories and was driving me crazy to finish it so he could read it.

I actually read this one because I have an ARC of the next one RULES OF BETRAYAL sitting here in the TBR pile.  When I read the blurbs, it seemed like I really needed to read this one first.  All I can say is that it is a true page turner, I was hooked from the first 3 pages, and although at times my brain was spinning from all the twists and turn, and although very few people in this one turned out to be who the reader thought he/she was, it was a very satisfying read that definitely will delight those who love the thriller, spy novel genre.

I'll try to get to the sequel by the end of the month while this one is still fresh in my brain.

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  1. I love stories with lots of twists! And I hope your hubby was able to finally get his hands on it!


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