Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another step backward!

DISASTER ! ! ! Who me? A drama queen?

As many of you know, I am an audio book addict. I spend at least 4 hours a day listening to books on tape via my handy little MP3 player given to me by a very perspicacious daughter almost 3 years ago when I first developed crippling arthritis in my hands and couldn't hold a book.

Last saturday I flew to Baltimore to pick up my granddaughter who is not quite old enough to fly to visit Tutu unaccompanied. We had a delightful lunch with my son and daughter in law, and then flew back to Portland.

OK so far............

I need to point out that I am a 2+ hour drive from Portland, and that my AM plane left at 6:00AM, so I had to get up at 2:30 to get to the airport in time for my flight. I was trying to save money and this was the cheapest way to do it. By the time we arrived back in Portland at 6:30 PM, I was really drowsy, and NEGLECTED TO PICK UP MY MP3 Player from the seat pocket on the plane. It was only when we got home and I was getting ready for bed that I realized I had lost it. A call to the airlines confirmed my greatest fear: Somebody now has a nice MP3 player with over a dozen audio books loaded on it. I was stocking up for my coming trip....

Bless the darling man I'm married to -he said for me to get a new one quick. I think he didn't want to hear me bitch about not being able to listen to my books. It arrived today (I love Amazon sometimes) and I'm going to be busy seeing how many of the books I can recover. SIGH.....

I was really p o'd because I had only 2 discs left to listen to Let the Great World Spin and had hoped to finish it by now. But I did get War on the Margins almost finished during our 4 hr R/t to the Wild Animal Park today.

One step forward, 2 back....such is life.

Rant over....back to reading...


  1. oh, having left a couple of things in the airplane seat pocket in my time, I sooooooo understand your feelings.

  2. Oh Tina.....I would be so so upset with myself, but hopefully your new one will be just as great or better.

  3. That must have been devastating. I've done that before and was distraught until I got a new one. I'm glad that you were able to replace it quickly and get some audiobooks loaded.

  4. Sorry to hear you lost yours-I do not know if this works-but I put an address label on my camera-hoping at least I would get the memory card back.

    I forgot my make up bag on my seat and was sitting in the first seat-the flight attendant chased me through the airport to get it back to me.

    sorry about the arthritis-I had hand surgery a few years ago before all these readers and books on CD and could not hold a book for months-so I know what you are struggling with.


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