Saturday, June 20, 2009

Review: Lobster Chronicles

My second time around for this one--our online Maine reading group is going to discuss this one. It's a well-written true story of what is involved in lobstering and living on a small island. Linda Greenlaw was a deep sea fisherman. She is the woman sea captain in the movie "The Perfect Storm." In her late 30's, she decides to give up fishing, return to her home on Isle Au Haute Maine and take up lobstering. With her father as her sternman, she takes us through an entire year's cycle of painting buoys, cleaning traps, launching boats, laying traps, and then harvesting (or hoping to harvest) lobsters. It's the story of folks who live without a resident doctor, without a movie theater, or big modern grocery store, whose mail comes by boat. The relationship of the townspeople with summer people provides some amusing anecdotes, while the story of local lobsterman protecting their fishing grounds against outsiders gives us a true picture of the uncertainties of making a living from the sea. It's extemely readable and presents a charming but realistic story of this difficult way of life.


  1. I like Linda Greenlaw - I think she's a good writer. This one sounds very interesting.

  2. Just came across your blog; it's great. I loved Dewey the Library Cat.


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