Friday, May 1, 2009

The Second 999 Challenge

I have so many books I want to read, and keep finding to read, that I was having trouble fitting them into my original 999 challenge, so I've started a second one. That really means I've challenged myself to read 9 books in each of 18 (9x2) different categories by the end of 2009. If you're interested, here are the Categories (with the current number completed) for the Original challenge: (there are 10 and the first nine will count, the one not finished will slop over into challenge #2) 1. Fiction - including mysteries and thrillers 9/9 Category Finished !!! 2. Books about books, libraries or language 4/9 3. Things Portuguese 4/9 4. Re-reads/finish ups/cleanoff the MP3 5/9 5. Politics/History/Biographies 5/9 6. Award winning books/authors 5/9 7. Poetry/letters/short stories 4/9 8. Books recommended by others 5/9 9. No place else to put them 9/9 Category Finished!!! 10. Theology Category Finished !!! The second Challenge has the following 1. Mysteries 2. Leftover's from challenge #1 3. Maine - authors or settings 4. Historical fiction 5. Early Reviews from LT (or ARCs) 6. Recommendations from LTers or other books 7. Surprise ! (Books that scream "Pick me" for no particular reason) 8. Audio books-- I always have at least one audio going 9. Another "no place else to put them." Wish me luck, or join me if you want to can follow my progress on the links from the sidebar.


  1. Well done on your progress so far. The new categories look interesting too.

    (And I have a serious case of shelf envy after seeing that picture.)

  2. I loved all the book shelves you have!


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