Sunday, May 17, 2009

Review: Girl of His Dreams

Another marvelous Commissario Brunetti story. The urbane, well-read Brunetti discovers the body of a young girl floating in a canal. The search to discover how and why she died eventually leads him to a camp of gypsies where he must struggle with the prejudices of his fellow workers, and his own distress at the lack of apparent interest in the girl's death. The young age of the victim, coupled with bureaucratic indifference he must overcome to pursue answers, deeply disturb Brunetti. He keeps comparing this death to Greek tragedies he is reading, and at one point, is unable to continue reading because the similarities are too close. He is unable to sleep and often sees the girl in his dreams. He keeps asking himself who would not report a daughter missing? As usual, Leon provides us with an outstanding plot, incredibly rich characters, and a resolution that is true to real life.


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